WSU Researchers Created Bone-Like Material With 3D Printer (Video)

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Researchers at Washington State University (WSU), after putting 4 years into the effort, have created bone-like material with the help of 3D printer.

The bone-like material can be used in conjuction with the natural bone as a scaffold to help grow new bones. The researchers claim that in few years’ time doctors, physicians will be in a position to custom order the replacement bone tissues.

The research results were revealed in the journal “Dental Materials” by Dr. Susmita Bose, who carried out the research at WSU and co-authored the report published in the journal.

“You can use the bone-like ceramic powder as a feed material and it can make whatever you draw on the computer,” she said.

Bone-like substance can be used for orthopedic procedures, dental work, and to treat osteoporosis. Early tests have shown progressive results and no side effects have been recorded apparently, researchers say.

The future of medics may change with this extraordinary finding and we hope no ill effects are observed, for good.

Zeeshan Tariq