Samsung’s Optical Sensor in Pixel (SUR40) For Microsoft’s Surface

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Samsung Electronics has been around from over half a century now, making its ground position strong everyday with its wide range highly reliable products.

Samsung has announced the mass production of its “Optical Sensor in Pixel” LCDs. With optical sensor in each pixel the touch possibilities are enhanced in the panel by Samsung. The panels are coming in full HD (1080p) resolution.

Samsung has used next generation image sensing tech that will enable the panel to detect 50 touch points simultaneously with more accuracy. The glass of these panels has a heavy built to bear a weight of 80kgs on them.

Optical Sensor in Pixel panel can be installed on a variety of mountings that makes it even more useful.

Samsung has installed Optical Sensor in Pixel in SUR40 for Microsoft’s Surface, a table-type PC developed by Samsung and Microsoft in combine efforts.

Microsoft Surface is available on pre-order since last month.

Zeeshan Tariq