Spy Gadgetry For Your Secret Missions

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After watching action packed movies like Bourne trilogy, Mission Impossible, and James Bond series many of us can get an adrenaline rush to become a spy and serve the country. There are some out there who like to spy their girl friends as their national duty. Well, I certainly don’t mind that.

In any case, I have got some cool gadgets that can do the trick for you in secretive situations. Here we go.

The Watch Phone

Looks like a regular stainless-steel wristwatch but it ain’t. It is the full house watch packed with 1.3MP camera, photo and video player, audio and video recorder, alarm, currency converter, calculator, FM radio, and e-book reader.
This is not all, watch phone also has the capability of a cell phone with which you can make calls quickly to call for a backup when a gunman is chasing you. It has also got Bluetooth if want to transfer important data outright to your boss without changing your location. But, keep in mind the range.

Another super feature of this watch is the handwriting recognition. If get caught, your foes won’t be able to steal any of your data.

Camera Sunglasses

Wearing them in bright sunny day and look ravishing can be an overt purpose, but to record the movements or a drug deal can your covert mission. Made of black plastic having grey Polaroid lenses, the sunglasses can record up to 5 hours of footage and it also TF/SD card slot. You can transfer the recording to your PC with USB.

Hollow Coin

You hop in to your enemy’s building having a plan to copy the sensitive data on a chip. You do so and want to conceal the little chip somewhere it can’t be detected. There comes the hollow coin. Simply, separate the coin with the ring and hide all your micro notes and chips here. No proofs found.

Sound Amplifier

In this tech laden world external Bluetooth enabled earpieces are very common. Use this nice looking sound amplifier device to listen all the conversation of your suspect from 50 feet away with an amplification of up to 50 DBs.

It has rechargeable batteries, an on-off switch. Just drop it accidently in a room where your potential suspect is sitting.

Lock Picking Kit

During a dangerous mission if you’re backstabbed by your partner and he hands you over to the adversary who locks you inside a room. Don’t worry, it will take you few minutes before you unlock the door and flee away.

This credit card lock picking kit hides a small half diamond pick, short hook pick, rake pick, single sided pick and a flat tension tool inside its back portion that is totally concealed.

These small tool don’t make this fake credit card look unordinary, in fact, it has 1/8 thickness. Just don’t forget it home.

USB Cufflinks

Where you think hollow coin is insufficient use these cufflinks that can store 4 Gigabytes of data. Uncover the USB, plug it into the relevant port and copy the data you need, put the cover back and let it shine on your shirt.

Who knows what you have on your arm.

Invisible Ink

Imagine you’re cheating your girl friend and want to leave a message for another babe without being noticed, though I don’t appreciate such guys but by using this invisible ink your purpose can be fulfilled. “Meet me in Central Park Hotel at 5pm, room 148”, the text will automatically vanish within minutes, but make sure the right girl reads it.

Electrical Shock Pen

Want to hit your adversary with surprise, here is the pen that will give you close get-away. Made like a stylistic regular ballpoint, it can help you release yourself from an unexpected stranglehold. The electrical shock generated is quite serious don’t try to test it on friends and family.

These eight spy gadgets do not end the story here, there are hundreds of more aiding the spies to accomplish their uphill tasks. But it all comes to the point what you require at a given situation.

Sara Williams