CMU’s System Lets You See Through Raindrops And Snow

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I love driving in rainy nights, but the common issue I face like any other person who shares my addiction is the distraction in view caused by droplets during such weather.

To cover this problem to a level of 70% a team of researchers from Carnegie Mellon University has devised a system that reduces the glare of raindrops in order to clear your view.

The system uses a digital projector that detects the raindrops’ location and then the camera predicts the falling position of those raindrops. Then an internal signal is generated for the headlights for self adjustment if the viewing area of driver is expected to be affected.

In other words, the light rays of the headlights are switched off if certain raindrops are predicted by the software to hit them in order to provide the driver as much the glare-free experience as possible.

The system works well to the accuracy level of 70 percent at the tested speed of 70kmph, and at 100kmph it becomes 15-20 percent workable. The working range of the system is 3-4 meters that, according to the team, is reasonable distance for a lonely driver to see through the snow or rain to prevent the white-out effect.

Source: Technology Review

Zeeshan Tariq