Windows Phone 8X vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

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Windows 8X vs Samsung S3

What we have for you today is a battle between a Windows phone and an Android phone, both of which have been endowed with blistering specifications in terms of the hardware and the software. With all the comparisons that have been going on recently between Android and IOS, it seems that the extremely potent Galaxy S3 has a new competitor in the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Let’s find out which phone has an upper hand over the other.


Simply put, the Windows Phone 8X looks more stylish than the plain and plastic made Galaxy S3, however, while trying to use them, one gets a different idea. The unresponsive power/lock key on the Windows Phone 8X, coupled with its sharp edges and the rubbery feel, just fails to make an impression. The Galaxy S3 on the other hand, in spite of not being a looker, is quite pleasant to touch and feels way more comfortable than its HTC competitor in real time usage.


It used to be really tough to beat the Samsung made Super AMOLED HD screen, but it seems that the HTC 8X is more than up for the job. The Super LCD – 2 screen on the 8X is visibly brighter, warmer and better. Due to a smaller screen size of the 8X (4.3 inches vs. the 4.8 inch screen of the S3), it also has a higher ppi count at 342. The S3 has a bigger screen and the difference isn’t much (S3 has a ppi count of 306), but one has to admit that text and media definitely looks sharper on the Windows phone, in spite of sharing the same resolution of 720 x 1280.


Both the phones are packing awesome 8 megapixel cameras that are capable of shooting HD videos and both have LED flash to assist in ill-lit conditions; nonetheless, the Galaxy S3 wins by a whisker in this department. Although there isn’t much to choose from in between the two in terms of details, the videos and the pictures shot with the Galaxy S3 just looks more natural than those shot on the 8X.


In spite of the S3 having a bigger battery (2100 mAh), it seems that the Windows Phone 8 OS allows the 8X (1800 mAh) to last longer than the S3! Real time handling proved it as the 8X lasted roughly a day longer on moderate use.


We felt that the Windows Phone 8X is a bit of a letdown when it came to its loudspeaker as sound is low even on maximum volume and everything sounds somewhat subdued. The loudspeaker on the S3 is a lot clearer and is loud enough for most people though. Call quality on both phones is enhanced by noise-cancellation technology and both of them execute this function with superb clarity. The earphones on either of the two are nothing remarkable, but the 8X does have more comfortable buds to use.


The HTC Windows Phone 8X is undoubtedly a fabulous smartphone, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 may just have an edge due to the more complete package that it offers. The 8X might have pulled a few over the well-established S3, but the S3 offersmore opportunities for personalization, has a better keyboard and a bigger screen, supports flash and above all else, has the much more developed Android market at its disposal. At the end of it all, a phone is only as good as its OS and Windows 8 just isn’t there yet!

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  • Marlow1234

    S3 rocks! :D
    I used to have a windows 7.5 phone, it sucked bad!