Revolution in Photography: Everything you need to know about Lytro Camera

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Every now and then a new product debuts in the market and changes the way products are made in its target market forever. One such product is called Lytro camera, which is the first commercial light field camera ever released. Lytro is a totally new kind of a camera that no photographer had ever seen before, it not only looks a lot different than other conventional cameras but it operates in a totally different way. It takes photos from different perspectives at the same time and allows users to refocus the images even after taking the shots. Users can not only refocus and change the perspectives of images by themselves, but they can also share the photos taken from Lytro camera and their friends can refocus the images too.


A normal picture speaks a thousand words, but a picture taken from the Lytro camera speaks a thousand words from several different perspectives. The Lytro Camera takes living pictures that can be refocused at any point in time. Lytro has a dedicated app for both Windows and OS X operating systems that can be used to view, share, and edit pictures taken from the Lytro camera. With Lytro you can take a picture while recording the rays of light traveling in every direction through the scene, this way your picture will be able to let you focus on any point of your choice with a single click of a button. The pictures taken from Lytro Camera are stored in .lfp format.

Lytro’s new and unreleased feature called the Perspective Shift allows users to change the point of view of the picture even after they have taken it using the camera. You can view the picture from any direction by moving your perspective up, download, right, or left. The new perspective shift feature will be available to users from December 4th. You can view a demo picture of the Perspective Shift feature here.

Design and Hardware

The first thing you will notice about the Lytro camera is its odd looking design. It looks like a telescope due to its 4.41-inches long and 1.61-inches wide hardware. It has a opening for the lens at one end and an LCD on the other that can be used to view the preview of the picture and to configure camera settings. The hardware of Lytro camera consists of a rubber grip and anodized aluminum shell. The device comes in three different colors including Graphite, Electric Blue, and Red Hot. The design of the Lytro Camera is as simple as it could have been, and only features a few buttons that are not very visible – which is a good thing. It weighs 7.6 ounces.

Although the design and hardware of Lytro camera is quite portable and has a minimalistic look attached to it, it is not very portable largely due to its odd shape that makes it impossible for users to put it in the pockets of their trousers like they do with other point and shoot cameras or ultra thin video recorders. That said, Lytro is a different kind of a camera and there is a reason behind why it does not look like a traditional point and shooter.

You can view the full specifications of the Lytro camera here.

Pricing and availability

Lytro Camera is available in the market right now. It costs $399 for the 8GB model and $499 for the 16GB model. It is available through a number of retailers that are listed on Lytro’s official website here. To view different pictures taken with the Lytro camera visit this link.