What is all the fuss about CES?

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There’s lots of hype going into the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013. But what exactly is all the fuss about? For those who don’t know already, CES is a technology trade show which has been around for nearly five decades, where promising start-ups and established tech giants rush to show their latest offerings. The show is sponsored by trade group Consumer Electronics Association, it was first held in 1967 in New York.

The first CES had 100 exhibitors and it was attended by over 17,000 people; since then CES, has steadily gained popularity among tech lovers who attend the show from across the world to see the emerging technology trends. The Videocassete recorder, CD players, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) were all cutting-edge emerging technologies of their time, and they were all introduced at CES. However, it isn’t open to the public, to attend, you need to prove that you’re affiliated to the electronics industry, or you need to verify that you’re a reporter trying to cover all the freshly pressed technologies.

CES 1967

CES show floor 1967

ces show floor 2012

CES show floor 2012


The show was held biannually from 1978 to 1994: in January it was held in Las Vegas this became known as Winter Consumer Electronics Show (WCES), and in June, the show was held in Chicago which was known as Summer Consumer Electronics Show (SCES). Since the advent of WCES, SCES began to lose popularity with the exhibitors as it started to conflict with other technology exhibitions. SECS was cancelled in 1998, and WCES became CES as we know it today.


samsung keynote ces 2012

Samsung CES Keynote 2012


Over the years, it has become an important event where companies bring their emerging technology concepts for the future alongside new products that they are going to launch the following year. The trade show is held for several days in the first part of January, in 2012 it had over 150,000 attendees and featured over 2,200 exhibitors.CES also features keynote speeches from high profile personalities in the field of technology.



The show acts as a nonprofit event, where the funds generated from the event go back into promoting and developing the electronics industry.

CES 2013 is right around the corner, and we’re going to be updating you throughout the week. To keep up with the latest happenings from CES 2013 follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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