Europe gets its first 4K TV broadcast thanks to Eutelsat

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One of the most interesting and mind blowing announcements of the CES 2013 event was the announcement of 4K TV technology for televisions, which are capable delivering content of ‘Ultra HD’ quality. After the announcement of such a technology the first question that came to our minds was that whether content for such a high definition television become available in both short and long terms.

Well it looks like we are going to have content for 4K technology equipped displays sooner than later as Europe is already getting its first 4K TV channel. The 4K channel has been launched by European service provider Eutelsat via satellite. The channel that takes full advantage of 4K TV began broadcast on January 8th.

4K channel europe

The channel runs at 3,840 x 2,160 resolution and provides 50 frames per second. The signal is transmitted at 40 Mbit per second and in MPEG-4 in quad HD streams. Right now the broadcast for a 4K TV uses twice bandwidth as most 1080i broadcasts but it is hoped that this issue could be resolved in the future as more efficient HEVC codec are going to be used, which could bring the size of bandwidth used by 4K broadcasts to even less than 1080i displays.

It would take some time for the market to adopt to the new technology as there are only 3 models available today, which are using this new ultra HD technology and they are pretty expensive for a common man. But it is still nice to see service providers adopting new tech as soon as it is announced as it is good for them and their users.