These Augmented Reality games show the potential of AR gaming (Videos)

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Augmented Reality is one of the most exciting aspects of modern technology. We have covered many applications of Augmented Reality in mobile devices and now the Augmented Reality is showing its potential in gaming too. There are many augmented apps available today for different platforms that give a realistic on screen effects while running emulations over the real world.

These two apps featured on Youtube caught our attention today. They feature really nice implementation of AR and take full advantage of the available potential. First up is this augmented reality game called AR Gladiators, which might get released for Android and iOS soon. It features two characters on real terrain fighting with the other player. The unique thing about this particular AR app is that it provides multiplayer experience to the users as users can play against each other if they both have a tablet. No matter if its Android or iOS.

Next one is called the AR Wars, which features radio controlled Star Wars themed robots which can be controlled by users and be played as a game. The project is created as a University project and allows users to compete with each other by firing at each other’s robots. Its a really interesting concept on which I would love to have an hands on experience.