Fans create insanely detailed model of GOT King’s Landing on Minecraft

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Minecraft is an amazing game with infinite building possibilities due to which we have seen some awesome creations by its healthy gaming community. Now Minecraft users have created something that was unheard of before. They have created a highly detailed image of the King’s Landing, which is the capital of the Seven Kingdoms in the widely popular Game of Thrones series – in the Minecraft game.

The amazing virtual model of King’s Landing was created by WesterosCraft who have created amazing Minecraft artwork in the past as well. The images they created were shared on social sharing site reddit, which received such a response that the WesterosCraft servers went down.

While the virtual Minecraft model of King’s Landing is mind blowing, it’s creators aren’t done yet and are working on creating the Minecraft image of the entire Game of Thrones Universe (of all 7 Kingdoms) in the Minecraft game.

The King’s Landing that WesterosCraft created took some 100 builders and four months to complete. The model has 3000 uniquely designed buildings with full details.

You can find the full gallery of King’s Landing of the Game of Thrones below.


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