Create an Android Backup of Your Device with These Google Play Apps

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Managing your stuff on Google’s Android powered devices is very simple but creating Android Backup isn’t. When it comes to backing up your stuff on the internet or locally on a SD card to keep it safe in case of a mishap you have to rely on third party applications available in the Play Store. Here in this post we will tell you about top 10 most reliable solutions for Android backup for SMS, MMS, Contacts, apps and other data. Let’s get started.

Titanium Backup – Root (Free – Play Store)


Titanium Backup is a super powerful app which allows users to back up their data online. Users can backup and restore their data from the app’s servers. The data which can be stored on Titanium Backup apps’s servers include apps, data, SMS, MMS, calls, bookmarks,Wi-Fi AP as XML and market links. The app not only backups the protected and system apps but it also backups the apps that have been stored in the SD card of the Android device. The app has some great features including 0-click batch and scheduled backups that can be set up to automatically create backups of data. The app has a free as well as a pro version that brings some extra and more advanced features.

G Cloud Backup (Free - Play Store)

G cloud

G Cloud Backup app for Android provides free online backup to its users. The app backups/restores SMS, contacts, call logs, music, photos, and even videos to the cloud so they can be downloaded later incase you lose your device. Users can configure the app to tell it what to backup and what not. The app automatically back ups data wen the device is running at normal battery level and is connected to WiFi. Users can also choose to backup over 3G if they want to.

App Backup and Restore (Free - Play Store)

App backup and restore

The App Backup and Restore app for Android backups and restores apps. The app gives the user ability to backup apps to SD card so they can restored later. App Backup and Restore backups and restores apps, backs up market links for protected apps, features batch restore and batch backup, auto backup on install feature, multi version backup for apps, and ability to search for apps on the Play Store. Users can also send apk files to others via email using this app.

Ultimate backup (Free and $2.99 – Google Play (1) (2))

Ultimate backup

Ultimate backup app has two versions of itself in the Play Store. One version is a free one while the other one is available for $2.99. It features a good UI and offers features like batch backup and restore, scheduled weekly backups, ability to restore apps from clockwork recovery backups, and more. It backups MMS, apps, bookmarks, user accounts, and other stuff which makes it pretty handy. One unique feature of the app which we really liked is that it allows users to send backups via email and even allows users to upload them on their dropbox account – pretty handy, right?. Users can backup and restore app data but root is required for this particular task.

Safe Backup (Free - Play Store)

Safe backup

Safe Backup is an app that features clean and easy to use interface. The app backups a wide range of data types that include pictures, music,  videos, bookmarks, ringtones, voice memos, applications, contacts, text messages, calendars, call log, bookmarks, and alarms. The app has a unique feature that allows users to data exchange between different Android versions such as Android 2.1 to Android 2.3.x etc. Features of Safe Backup app include data archiving and password protection, FTP support, support for cloud services including Dropbox, and multi-language support.

My Backup (Free and $3.99 – Play Store (1) (2))

Mybackup pro

My Backup app also has two different versions available in the Play Store. One version is paid and has more features while the other one is free but also does the job. My Backup Pro features schdeuled backups, ability to Freeze bloatware, system apps, and a feature to wipe data of applications. The app can backup and restore data from its online servers as well as user’s SD card. My Backup Pro can backup and restore Applications, Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Call log, Browser Bookmarks, SMS (text messages), MMS (message attachments), Calendar, System Settings, Home Screens (including shortcut positions), Alarms, Dictionary, Music Playlists, APNs, and more.

Backup Master (Free - Play Store)

Backup master

Backup Master app just like its name backups data from your Android device like a boss. It is capable of backing up SMS, MMS, call logs, bookmarks, alarms, apn, apps, and even system settings and preferences. The app works fast and does not require users to reboot their device. Users can check mark from a list of things they want to create backups for. The app is very convenient to use and does not require complex configurations.

Sprite Backup ($4.95 - Play Store)

sprite backup

The Sprite Backup app for Android provides 2GB of free online storage to its users. It features scheduling as well as encryption options to keep data protected. Users can back up their phone as well as media content on the server. Apart from 2GB online storage users can also hook the app with their and dropbox accounts and upload data on the cloud. This is a great app for creating Android Backup online.

Mobile Backup II (Free - Play Store)


Mobile Backup II app for Android is a simple backup and restore app for Android that backups data and restores it from the SD card. The app can backup Calendar, contacts, SMS, and Call log locally so they can be restored instantly. The app stores data in the root directory of the SD card which can be accessed from the computer as well. The app is very simple to use and provides backup options in the form of buttons on its main screen.

Backup To Gmail ($1.99 - Play Store)

Backup to Gmail

Backup to Gmail is a must have app for Android users who use Gmail as primary email service. The app syncs what Android doesn’t to Gmail including SMS, MMS, and Call log. The app can also be used to restore SMS as well as call logs from Gmail using any Android device. The only thing that needs to be done in order to make this app functional is that users need to enable the IMAP in gmail. Users also need to set the correct time zone.