5 wearable gadgets that will affect our future

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As we are living deep into the era of smartphones the next stage of gadgets that we will use on day to day basis seems to be the wearable gadgets. In the past few years many advancements have been made in the field of gadgets that can be wore by humans and that would allow them to perform day to day tasks. Here in this post we are going to take a look at the wearable gadgets that will change the way we do different things and redefine the meaning of computing in the near future. Let’s get started with our list of great wearable gadgets.

Google Glass

google glasses bone conduction

We have covered extensively about the Google Glass that takes advantage of the virtual reality and shows interactive content right in front of user’s eye using a heads-up display. The Google Glass project by Google will most likely revolutionize the way we do different things which includes taking pictures and recording videos, performing online search, listening to music, watching movies, making a phone call, sending an email and more. Google Glass is already under public beta and will launch later this year with tons of features.

Sensoria Socks


We recently wrote about these socks here on ETECHMAG. The Sensoria Socks are one of the many great wearable gadgets that have been designed to improve the health monitoring for humans. These socks are targeted towards runners and provide them with useful analyzes of their run and running habits including the angle they make with their foot and more. Sensoria Socks are great example of how wearable gadgets can be revolutionary in the field of medical and make it easier for not only doctors but users themselves as well allowing them to monitor their body.



Although an iWatch from Apple is something that fascinates us more than any other product in the market the smartwatch as a whole concept will have a major place in the future regardless of which company makes them first. There are many smartwatches available right now but all of them have limited functionalities but that is expected to change very soon as some people believe that these smartwatches could great impact the lives of humans and even replace smartphones.

W/Me Wristband


Another wearable gadget designed for monitoring human health is W/Me Wristband. This wristband tracks the activity of the human body and focuses on managing breathing and describing mental state of the user. It has been specifically designed for users who have problems in breathing and gives them exercises through its smartphone app, which help in changing the breathing patterns of the user in order to make the overall health of the user better.

The wristband also provides readings for agility score and autonomic nervous system age, which provides information on how “old” your nervous system is and how well you deal with stress.

Solar Charging Vest

solar charging vest

Not just this Solar Charging Vest but it is expected that everything that involves solar charging is going to be big in the future. Solar powered gadgets can make our lives much easier as we will not have to worry about charging our devices as they will get charged themselves whenever we set our foot out of our homes or offices and best of all this solution is totally green.

Now about this solar charging vest, it is a wearable gadget every single person who works outdoors would want. It allows users to charge their devices while they are out in the sun. The solar charging vest is capable of charging smartphones, tablets, video cameras, laptops and more. The jacket takes the power of sunlight and converts it into power.