Tips on how to significantly boost battery life of your Macbook

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Apple Macbook products are some of the most power efficient laptops available in the market and with every new release the company makes the battery of its devices even better than before. The recently announced Macbook Air that features new Intel Haswell processors gives 12 hours of battery, which is something we have never heard before. Although battery life of a Macbook usually good there are ways that you can make it even better and take the most out of your portable computer. Here in this post we are going to mention a few tips on how to significantly boost battery life of your Macbook. Let’s get started.

Lower screen brightness


On top of our list of best tips on how to significantly boost battery life of your Macbook is brightness. Just like smartphones or tablets you can increase the overall battery timing of your Macbook by lowering its brightness to a level suitable for you. Don’t bring it down so much that you face troubles using it but try to bring it  to a certain level where you can use it comfortably and still save some battery.

To lower the screen brightness on your Mac open Systems Preferences and go to ‘Displays’ settings. There you will find a slider by moving which you can increase or decrease the brightness of your display. Alternatively you can change the brightness by pressing the F1 and F2 keys from your keyboard.

Lower the time for display sleep and computer sleep

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As most people use their Macbook casually they often forget about putting the computer or display to sleep. This causes wastage of your precious battery life and significantly reduces the usage time of your device. To avoid that you should keep the display timeout and computer timeout to a reasonably low number. This would turn the display off when you don’t use the device under a specified time and even puts it to sleep. Make sure you set the display timeout lower than computer sleep. We recommend that you put the display sleep to up to 5 minutes and computer sleep to 15 minutes. You can do it by clicking on the battery indicator from top right side of your screen and then clicking on ‘Open Energy Saver Preferences’.

Alternatively you can access this option by going to System Preferences > Energy Saver. This tip can especially boost the battery life of you Macbook.

Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth etc when not in use


One of the things that eat the battery life of your Macbook is always turned on network services. By turning them off when not in use you can significantly boost battery life of your Macbook. It is highly advisable that you turn the Bluetooth and WiFi when these services are not in use. To turn off WiFi you can go to System Preferences > Network or click on the WiFi icon located in the menu bar and click on ‘Turn off Airport’.


To Turn off Bluetooth you can go to System Preferences > Bluetooth. If you use Bluetooth accessories with your Mac and can’t turn it off you can also save some battery life by preventing your Macbook from searching for new devices by unchecking the Discoverable option. In this case don’t uncheck the ‘On’ option.

There you go folks, these are the tips on how to significantly boost battery life of your Macbook. If you have more tips to share then do let us and everyone else know by commenting below.